Mint Condition EV1 Owners Manuals

Hello, newbie to this forum.

I was going through some materials in my deceased father-in-law’s office today and I noticed that he has mint condition '97 EV1 and '98 EV1 Owner Manuals as well as some really cool media information on the car (lots of photos, photo slides, etc). He was a GM engineer.

I saw some articles where someone was trying to sell one on eBay back in 2008 for $100K. Obviously they didn’t get that much, but my mother-in-law was thinking of selling them (he was the bread-winner).

What does this forum believe the value would be?

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You could get Maybe $5 for them. Now if you have the EV1 he had it would be worth millions.


The beauty of a free market is that you can test it. I recommend you put it on eBay, with a minimum. If it sells for $100K, buy me a beer. If it doesn’t, drop the minimum and try again. Then repeat. Then buy me a beer.

You may also search for one on eBay and see if you can find comparable ones for sale.

Do you have photos of it? post them here, they may tell a different story. We can take a look.