Mercedes-Benz officially discloses its new car “GLE-2016″

Mercedes-Benz officially launched its entirely new car GLE-2016 which is considered as a versatile sports car of mid-size SUV.

The new car design reflects the philosophy of Mercedes-Benz throughout both its interior and external design.

Considered as a replacement version of the successful “ML series” model, this new car will be available with numerous models. First one is GLE 250d with V4 turbo engine 2.1-litre, 204hp and 480 N.M of torque, while the second version «GLE 500e 4MATIC ” is equipped with V6 turbo engine, 3.0-litre connected to an electric engine with an automatic gearbox of 7 ratios generating both of them 442 hp, and 650 N.M of torque .This car can also goes for 30km on electric power only.

The last model of this typical car is GLE 63 S equipped with V8 Twin-turbo engine, 5.5-litre and 585 hp in addition to 760 nm of torque allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only7.1 seconds before attaining its maximal speed of 250 km/h ,electronically limited.

The three stars company will disclose the “GLE 2016” model in the New York international auto show.

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