Major tax deduction in congress -- action needed!

Hi; new here. I’m an EV enthusiast on a waiting list for an Aptera, and I’ve run into some information regarding a potential tax deduction that I felt I needed to pass on, so I registered on the forum. H.R. 5351 Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 has passed the House and is currently in the Senate:

There’s one very exciting, and at the same time very disappointing, element of this bill. There’s a PHEV incentive – a big one. It’s an federal personal income tax credit that’s $4k base + $200 if it has at least 5kWh + $200 for each kWh over that, up to a max of 15kWh. That’s a $6200 credit if you have a full 15kWh. It will last until the manufacturer hits 60,000 applicable sales, and then it declines each quarter until it’s gone; the bill is budgeted for 10 years. Well, for most manufacturers, selling 60,000 would take, 5-10 years or so. So people will be able to claim this for a while.

There’s just one problem: it only applies to PHEVs, not BEVs. BEVs get absolutely nothing. Not a dime.

I’m trying to encourage fellow EV enthusiasts to contact their congressional representatives and get this fixed. The main point to make is that if their goal is to encourage battery development, adoption of vehicles with electric drivetrains, reduction of oil imports, helping the environment, and so on, BEVs do more than PHEVs. They should at least be put on the same footing.

If you don’t know your senators or how to reach them, here’s a website that can help:

Also, while you’re at it: recommend 503.a.5.A get changed to also include enclosed three-seaters like the Aptera and VentureOne. Three wheels lightens the weight and reduces drag, which helps accomplish the goals of the bill. So long as they meet the requirements in 503.a.5.A.i and ii, there should be no problem.

Thanks for your time!