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Ok guys we’re trying to get a handle on our current battery situation and we have found that the voltage readings don’t make a whole lot of sense (to us).

We bought this 2007 E2 with Ride-4-Fun motor, controller, 14" wheels and we think everything else Ride-4-Fun offers.

The batteries are lead acid and we started out on a full charge 76+ volts and recalibrated our SOC display meter. On our little ride around the neighborhood it was mostly flat but we did encounter a few pretty steep hills we barely made it to the top of (especially one we thought we was gonna have to roll back down the hill lol).

After 2 miles the meter was down one bar
After 2.6 miles it was down two bars
At 4.4 miles we were down three bars

Then at 7.3 miles it went straight to the red bar so we checked the voltage and it was 73.1 volts
According to the information we used to make this chart

we should have been close to 60% capacity still which to us means that we still have over a half a tank so we went around again (slowly on a fairly level trip) and after another 1.5 miles it still read 73.1 volts.

The turtle came on after the red bar some time and it would go away if we turned it off like to check the volts and it would show up every once in a while after that.

Another issue we have noticed is that the speedometer is pretty accurate according to our GPS at low speed but not as accurate when we go faster. The odometer at 2 miles (according to Google map) registers 1.5 miles. We don’t know if the difference is in the odometer, the motor pick up magnet, the gear ratio, the 14" tire size or what. ???

We want to get GEL batteries and a BattSix monitor but are reluctant to do so until we know what and where all our problems are.


76 volts is not full charge.
Your symptoms are worn out batteries. You have one or more worn out. Full charge on a 12volt battery is in the area of 13.8 volts. How ever all that being said. You have flooded batteries. They are easy to determine condition with the use of a hydrometer. You can buy one at your local automotive store. Charge up the batteries to the best level you can get them. Check the specific gravity reading of each cell. You will find one or more cells that are defective.


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We read about that before and here was our test from three weeks ago. We never got near 13.8 volts so I guess we need batteries. Does that affect the speedometer and odometer too though?

Going battery shopping, Donna

Got new GEL batteries went 12 miles off the bat, charged went about 6.5 miles, charged again only went about 2 miles. Guess what … bad charger now. It does different things when you bang on it, something loose inside so we’re going charger shopping now.

Got new charger installed and getting 13.8 on the batteries now! It topped out in the finish phase at 94.0 does that sound right too? Think we’re on the right track at least.

Sounds good…


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Like the color, go Vols!

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Thanks, we take it tailgating and was all over campus for the South Carolina game a couple of weekends ago!