Gem reading high voltage after use. Any ideas?

So I have a 2002 e4
New T1 controller
R4F motor
Magic Magnet
Delta Q Charger that’s been programmed.
It read 78v before I took it out. Drove for 10 miles and got home…

I put it on the volt meter when I got home since the factory gauge said 100% still. However the reading freaked me out with 95.1v. How is that possible?

Decided to go drive again (12 miles) to bring down the voltage and it’s still reading really high.

Any thoughts here?

That does sound kinda freaky.
Can you see if it is all or an isolated cell that is high?
Is there any extra heat coming off of it?

Figured it out… i feel like an ■■■■■. My volt meter battery was dying and giving inconsistent readings…we are good to go!

We have all been there. You assume your equipment is good, and go down a rabbit hole trying to fix a problem. Then you find out bad data. You have a nice setup, run it hard and report back.

This is awesome! I wouldn’t have thought of that. I really need to put this in my own diagnostic toolbox for the really weird problems.

Thanks for following up even though it may be personally awkward.

Hahah. Glad it worked. Thank you to both of you and also Mike for sitting on the phone with me the whole time to realize it was the battery in the volt meter.

Update on it: these 20s packs are pretty awesome. Just the range I need (at least that’s what I think today). 40-50 miles no problem, I believe I still have good range remaining beyond what I’ve already gone.

Next up is figuring a better way to keep these tied down.