Looking to buy a GEM motor

Hey does anybody know where I can find a GEM motor a used one or a new one 2014 Polaris six seater

I have a controller and 5hp for sale on the forum, almost brand new, it will fit a six seater.

Also have a more used 7ph off a six seater - make you a good deal on - fully working just pulled it about 2 months ago.

How much for the motor??

Which one 5ph or 7ph?

Bet that’s how much??

400.00 for the 5hp - 350.00 for the 7ph + shipping

7hp how much u can do it for?

Where does it ship from? And what kind is the 7hp motor ?

Ships from 64151

Kool can u tell me about what this was use for ?

What condition is it?

Not sure what you meant by “What was it used for”? It’s GEM motor it was used on a six seater GEM.
2008E6 - good running condition when removed. I removed it when I did an AC Induction motor upgrade for a friend of mine. Search the forum for E6 conversion, you can see the car it came off off.

7.5 RFF blue serviced $450 plus shipping


I don’t mind trying this again lol

Is the 5HP a good motor for six seater is it a torque motor can it carry people???

It is a stock Polaris GEM 5HP motor - I have had a 7hp and 5hp in a couple E4’s and cannot tell the difference, I would think it would good for an E6 as long as you are not dealing with big hills.

can you send a picture of this photo

Stick with 7hp…

When can u send me the rff motor??