Lithium battery swap

I have a 2005 Gem E4 72V

It has in it 22s 82v 90ah lithium battery I got from Dave @Inwo
New Delta Q programs for lithium also from Dave @Inwo
and put them in my 2016 E4 48V

Would I need to switch to 72v system ?

Get a 8kw motor and different controller.

I am confused by where you are going with this.
It sounds like you want to yank the parts out of your '05 and put them in your '16?

I would probably leave the 05 alone, it is probably worth more as a runner. And it gives you something to drive while you work on the 16.

Then yes, You need to start gathering up parts for converting your 16 to higher voltage. Be aware that there will not be much left of the original 16 electrical system. I have not seen one, but it doesn’t sound like it is a job for the beginner nor is it going to be a weekend swap.

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To use the 22s battery:
80v controller
72v charger
Dci or 72v dc converter
Rewiring or a conversion harness
Big motor is optional. What motor do you have? My testing is with 6.5kw Gem motor.
35mph limit with oem gearing

48-60 volt battery:
48v or 80v new controller
80v works from 39v to 120v
Need S4-48v or S6-80v to supply enough current at low voltage
80v is future proof $1,000
48v not available through us at this time
Big motor not needed imo, or tested

One available 48v system to an early adopter
From my running Elhd
Polaris ranger clone
S6-48v with harness
No other changes needed
Performance with tall gears unknown, but guaranteed

One more idea for a partial conversion.
Tap the 22s battery at 14s to 16s. @grantwest was able to run 16s Bolt battery in his. new Gem
The rest same as 48-60 system above.
Swap parts in any order. ie. battery first, controller first.

If you’re going to HV route I would recommend you to Swap The motor and the controller. The connections are relatively easy. Let’s put it this way. If you were able to install the battery by yourself then you can do this mod.

Also @inwo can provide also the harnesses to make it reversible in the future.