Lift Kit Idea for 2002 Gem

Hope all is well team.
My name is Robert , Art Educator in New York. Myself and the automotive technology teacher acquired a 2002 Gem 2 seater. The concept behind it is to be a first responder for our trainer, getting from field to field quickly was its purpose. We restored it, but while using it our CV joints went. The reason was that the cart was elevated by adjusting the carts shocks and adding larger wheels. The cart was not jacked up and in turn, wore out the CV joint because of the angle. The question is does anyone have examples, templates, or ideas on how you could jack it up?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated not only for the school but for the kids in both programs. The kids have done all the work and as always it’s all about them. In my studio I have the ability to cut, weld, and fabricate metal. So making the lifts from scratch is not a problem and would also be a great experience for the kids.

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Sounds like a cool project, the 2002’s are not known for their great suspensions. By lifting the car you may need first responders to rescue you… :slight_smile:

I am not much help in this area, but I wish you luck on your project.

I don’t know of any real lift kits. All I see are longer shocks. Seems to me a lift would be longer shocks and lower gearcase.
Same in the back, lift kits are sold that just lengthen shock mounts. My first Gem was lifted by lowering the rear spindles leaving suspension as-is (Dustin). Too much work for most builders doing it on the cheap.