Lexus LX Hybrid is coming in 2016

Reuters announced lately on based information leaked by the Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” that the Lexus will unveil Lexus LX h hybrid in 2016, and Lexus is now working in developing a hybrid system capable to push these multiple uses of the car forward. This system will reduce neither its power nor its strength in the off-roads, deserts and unpaved roads.

On the other hand, the parent company will also add this hybrid system to its Famous car “Land Cruiser». The same source claimed that Toyota will expand the scope of the SUV hybrids. So, we may see after the “Land”, “Prado” and “furchner” with hybrid engines in coming days.

In earlier news on the same topic, Lexus LX model will be launched under LX600h similar to LS600 with approximately 438 horsepower but the news are not assured yet because this power is the result of a 4.8 engine + an electric engine as in the LS600h; moreover, LX 5.7 engine originally generates 380/hp or more + electric engine with 100/hp that will be a Total of 480 hp. This is what most of the Lexus fans are waiting for.

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