Issues Installing lithium pack


I bought a Samsung lithium pack from Dave. I’ve got all the way up to the point of turning on discharge in control tab. Problem is it isn’t showing up in status…still shows off. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?


Maybe I missed something in settings.
Look at cell= 22 and capacity=94.
I missed that in one yesterday.
Totally my mistake.

Post screen shot of Settings tab.
Click on advanced (just the first two pages)

Then click on that yellow warning message that says Click to View All Warning Messages.

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Picture of install please.

Then maybe shut down the app in your phone and restart the app.

I’m having a problem myself.
I let my zenn go below uvp, so of course, the charge wouldn’t come on.
Emergency switch failed to send. I never used that function before.
Does emergency swich only work if battery level is not TOO low?

I then reset uvp lower, which worked fine.

I reset it multiple times, still off on discharge

Looks good. Set cell count to 22
Change these three until your parts box gets there,

Then plug the car in to charge.
Ok to move car for a test. Don’t go far. 3.5v is empty.
After an hour of charging, you may drive a little more. Keep over 3.55 volts.


Thanks Dave.

I got it running. Balance is still showing off, is this correct?

Is the first cell supposed to show red?

When you say keep V over 3.55 you mean avg cell V?



Bal will change status on its own as it watches cells. Ok that it appears off at this time.

Only balances when needed. It’s fine.
Colored cell are high and low. Normal.
Average or single cell. Not much difference. Only rule of thumb so you don’t get stranded…
Reason to set ovp low at this time, Car won’t start over 86v.
We can move it up to 4.1v for more range.

That is odd it has worked for me
A few times
I needed it.

The new software seems
To be a bit buggy.

None of the Bal wire values have reported in yet.
Maybe after a charge cycles.

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Jeff here is the manual for the BMS if you don’t have it so you can get familiar with the settings.

I didn’t trouble shoot mine. Changed values instead.
Message was “failed to send”. A reset might have fixed it.