Is the Honda Insight hybrid still as competitive today?

While the first-generation Honda Insight hybrid was produced between 1989 in 2006, there have been a number of revisions and developments. During various times of its early life the car was one of the bestselling hybrids of the time and while an array of other hybrid and electric vehicles are now cluttering the market, is the Honda Insight hybrid still as technologically advanced compared to the cars of today?

At a time when many people are looking towards the electric vehicle market, Honda seems to have its eye fully focused upon the hybrid sector. The introduction of an upgraded Honda Insight hybrid model has been well-received by hybrid fans and so it should be bearing in mind introduction of new technology.

Whether or not Honda is serious about the electric vehicle market, there can be no doubt about the company’s determination to be a major player in the hybrid sector. It will be interesting to see whether the latest version of the Honda Insight hybrid becomes a springboard for new technology and new vehicles in the future, or indeed whether the company continues to upgrade and remodel the car.