I am new to the EV scene, I’ve worked on cars all my life, but the EV is all new to me. I have just purchased a 2002 Gem Car E825 2 seater, my goal is to make it a little faster with good hill climbing power, our town is full of hill’s. The first thing I want to do is taller street tires and some nice looking wheels. I have been reading a lot of post here on the site, I think 23" tall is about all that it will handle if I don’t lift it, and I think a 0 offset wheel is also needed for this upgrade.
Thanks for letting me join. Ken in Va.

Welcome Ken

If you want to climb hills your going the wrong way with large diameter tires. They rob too much torque. Most 2002 cars had 10.35 gearboxes. A set of 20 to 22 inch diameter if you have hills is more appropriate. You have the right equipment. You might want to add a 7hp motor at a later date. There are a ton of 14 inch wheel and tire combos that would be right for you on Ebay.

I have a spread sheet on Gearbox Vs tire size also torque information. Email me if you would like a copy.