Hey everyone!

Great to join a forum about electric cars!

I’ve been interested in EVs for a while. I test drove the Smart EV last week and got pretty excited! Being a graphic designer, I got inspired to create a website for owners of EVs to review their cars.

Was looking for some feedback from EV enthusiasts :slight_smile:

What do you all think??


Hi Sparkk

First of all, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That theme looks very interesting.

I was wondering if you could post some details about your test drive of the SMART EV?



Hi Mark,

Here’s the review of the Smart EV that I posted on

[I]I test drove the Smart forTwo EV last Monday in Santa Monica, which was the primary inspiration for creating this website. This was part of their FunTestDrive tour.


That’s what I posted on Facebook the evening after my test drive and it summarizes my initial reaction to the Smart EV! Let me explain:

As I was walking to the test driving location, I saw two or three Smart EVs being test driven by other people. They had the biggest smile on their faces. As they accelerated from a stoplight, you could hear a barely audible whirl. One of them was a convertible. I shouted from the sidewalk how he liked it. He exclaimed “Love it! All electric you know??” and whirled off. It felt like I was in line at Disneyland ride, eagerly anticipating the upcoming fun!

My test drive was also a lot of fun! My dad has a gasoline Smart and I’d driven that. But the Smart EV is a whole other level of gocart feel! It felt solid next to large SUVs, but very nimble while accelerating and cornering.

After going around a few blocks, I dutifully returned the car, parking it next to several other little Smart EVs. I felt that familiar mixed set of emotions after a thrilling theme park ride: loved it!!! damn: it’s over already; I have to get out; lucky next person who’s going to ride next; can we go again???

So if you want everyday to feel like a day at Disneyland, snap up a Smart EV!!!

The only reason I gave the Smart EV a 4 star was it’s subpar MPGe. Apparently it’s less efficient than the Nissan Leaf, but it’s practically half the car! I’m sure that’ll change in a generation or two. Details, details…[/I]

Hi Sparkk

I was wondering how you expect the future of electric cars to pan out? How long before there are more electric powered cars than gasoline cars?