I guess no Posi-Trac?

I don’t really mean that but I have a question.

I have my front wheels off on my 2005 e4 replacing the pads. They were pretty chewed up and dug into the rotors as well. I sanded down the rotors to clean that up. In doing so I noticed when I hit the accelerator with it on jacks and both wheels up only the driver’s side will really spin. I am not a mechanic by any means and am learning. If this is common/normal…great. I just want to make sure.

The reason for looking at the brakes is a scraping sound when I drive that is eliminated when I apply the brakes. Even with it up, new pads on and the master cylinder cap back on I’m still getting a scrapping sound. Rotors look straight as best I can see.

Any advice/criticism is welcome!

it turns that way because it is a differential and that’s a good thing. You would have a very hard time turning if both wheels always turned together at only the same speed. Hint" the outside wheel needs to turn faster on turns or else the inside wheel will skid.

I’d put it back up on the jack and turn the wheel on each side slowly while looking and listening to all the parts on that side(ie heat under vehicle. If you find nothing and the sound ins’t coming from each wheel or half shaft then it’s likely inside the transmission or motor.

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There is no traction mechanism.

  1. Determine which side its coming from

  2. does it happen with wheels off?

3 is it constant?

4 does it do it going backwards?

  1. It is coming from both sides (fresh pads and sanded rotors -Emory cloth, 400grit, 1000grit, then cleaned surfaces with brake cleaner)

  2. Yes it makes the noise sometimes with the wheels off.

  3. It unfortunately is not constant. I feel like it happens if I hit the brakes with medium intensity like when I accidentally ran a stop sign and realized it half way through and tapped my brakes.

  4. Yes it sometimes happens going backwards.

I am an experienced wood worker and have some basic mechanical knowledge. I have the ability just need the advice!!

Could it be the bearings?

I’m noticing the sound more when I go uphill if that matters