How Much For Seatbelts?! You're Kidding. HELP!

1st Post, long time follower. Happy to be here. A lot of the contributors in here have helped me restore a 2007 e6 from the dust ridden, rusted vehicle it was, to the beauty it is today. So thank you.

However, I am having a few loose ends that I cannot seem to pull together. Namely, SEATBELTS! From Polaris, they are $200/each. Outrageous. That’s $1,200 for the whole car. I’ve found a custom seatbelt company that could “recreate” the GEM belt for about $110 each. Better, but not satisfactory.

Does anyone know if there are any universal belts that will fit the GEM e6? Or really any cheaper option for that matter?

Thank you! in advance for your words of wisdom.

I think these should fit,

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Yes I got some generic seat belts from Ebay

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Great to know! Do you happen to have a link for the ones you bought?

How was the quality on those belts? 2 for $45 is VERY cheap. I want to keep my riders safe. =)

The seat belts were good quality they were lap belt only my Gem came with lap belt only style belts. The quality is good and you don’t have to worry

If you got these belts from Amazon, how are they? Satisfied with quality?

Never bought them. A normal belt is usually about $100. I can’t imagine the quality on a belt that is $22.50. Wasn’t worth the risk for me. If you find another option or we find out the quality on those belts please post it!

I bought a $23 from Amazon and a $68 from Seatbelt Planet to compare. The rachet mechanism looks identical. The metal frame and attachment points are thinner on the cheaper one but more than enough for its purpose. Nylon webbing and plastic parts are comparable.

The $23 was installed and has been used for about 2 weeks with no problems. The $68 was returned.

Great info! Were these 3-point belts? If they were, can you share the amazon link you purchased from?

Yes and here it is: