Hello from Houston

My name is Ron and I’m new to NEVs. Just bought my first ever Ford Think and been going through it. Plenty of useful info on this site. Still trying to wrap my head around charging and how to get the most out of one. Even got finger wagged by 2 old ladies working at the DMV yesterday because ‘you can’t drive them things on the road.’ :lol: Those ole bags seemed kinda mad as they handed me my new TX license plates.

Were you kind or crude with your reply?:rolleyes:

Welcome to the group.


The ladies over at the TXDMV had never seen or heard of a Ford Think, let alone issue tags for one. It took several minutes of discussion, some googling, and a phone call to Austin before they realized it was ok to issue the tags. They seemed like I might be trying to pull a fast one on them but in the end were very kind and accommodating…truly a rare experience at the DMV. It reminded me of the scene in A Chrismas Story when they tell Ralphy “You’ll shoot your eye out” when they said “You can’t drive that thing on the street.” We all had a good laugh and there were no hard feelings.