Hazard switch

Does anyone have experience adding a hazard warning switch to an 05? Looking at the electrical diagram it shows that a red wire into the decoder will activate the hazard circuit however I cannot figure out where that is exactly in the harness. If anyone has done this please let me know.

I have an 05 Gem. I just purchased this button which is the same model number of the OEM one.

If anyone is looking for a OEM replacement Hazard/4 way flasher on off button switch Newark sells them. they are very helpful. Model number RP3508 16mm diameter you can order in red or green.

Button (comes in red or green)

Button connectors:


I’m still looking for a Hazard sticker that I could put on top of the button. Does anyone have a picture of the original button?

Thanks for sharing. Sure beats the $75 Polaris charges for a new one.

oh wow thats alot. do you by chance have a part number or a picture of that?

The part number for 2007-20011 is 0106-01252.

The part number for 2012-2016 is 2412091.

I’m not sure what the difference is but the early version isn’t available on this site.


I’m missing the button cover for my 2013 e6 so I’ll probably order one from Newark on a future order.