Haven't needed to add water in 40 charges - What Gives?

I have a GEM 2002 with an unmodified zoran charger. I bought new batteries in Feb 07 and I charge them about once a week. I check the water each month and the batteries haven’t used any. I hear light bubbling when they are charging but it seems to me that they should have had to been watered by now. Is this normal? thanks

Sam62, I am no expert where charging is concerned, but I have read other comments about this, and the concensis seems to be that the batteries are not being charged fully, if they are not losing some water. A fully charged 12 battery should see 14.4volts before being considered fully charged. After charging, the battery should drop to 12.9-13.6v If you are not reaching this, you should increase the charge voltage.
The voltages I mentioned change a bit with temperature, and should be considered for a mild day. Temperature extremes will change this a volt or two. Hope this helps, Eric

Thanks for your reply. The 6 batteries show 13.3 to 13.4 after charging and after a load 12.7 to 12.8 . No water has been added bought in 02/07, the water is at the top and it bubbles slowly when being charged by the 72v charger. Is that still an indication of being undercharged?

I don’t know what to think, It sure sounds like everything is right where it needs to be. I would just use the time you aren’t using to water batteries, and polish your Gem. Eric