Correct Wiring?

This is how my Gem was hooked up before and i rehooked the same… I looked at the other diagrams but wanted to make sure… Since the end of the diagrams just say negative and positive but not where to put it.

I attached a diagram. Any help is greatly appreciated.

For some reason my brand new batteries are only starting at 79-80 percent charge when i drive. 100 quickly goes down to 79-80 then drops somewhat normal from there.

Diagram is right. Did you change type of battery? Is your charger set on the right setting for the new battery type?

Yeah I still have flooded batteries. My charger was updated by zivan a few years back and kept it at flooded (didn’t install the toggle switch).

When you get new batteries do they start at 100 and just fall quicker or do they make a 20% decline right off the bat, and after 50+ cycles start to go up? I thought i might have a bad battery in the batch but i just load tested all of them and they were the same (right on good but close to low), and 12.5 volts each after a lap around the block (discharged to 75%!). The water seems fine as well. Really pissin me off! Maybe my old batteries were fine and it was just the charger or something.

QUOTE=OLD HOUSEBOATER;19672]Diagram is right. Did you change type of battery? Is your charger set on the right setting for the new battery type?[/QUOTE]

It takes 20+ cycles to break in a set of battries. How many miles are you getting at 40% - should be 25 or more if your in a flat area if your machine is stock and the tires are hard.

when i get to 40%? i was under the impression i shouldn’t run down past 70%?

Maybe my meter is wrong. I did notice a little more speed today, but the percentage when down to 78 ish right off the bat from leaving my driveway.

70% is a great number, but in your situation it may not be practical. At 70% you may have only gone 10 miles or less.

Going down to 78% right at the getgo is not really normal.

What is your percentage 3 hours after charging without moving the machine?

Suggest you measure the voltage with a meter right after charging and after 3 hours to allow the surface charge to disapate.

The following article may give you some help.

RV Tech Library - Battery Charge Voltage

If your not at close to 12.6 volts after a 3 hour wait you probably under charging a bit.

My Zivan died and I have been charging mine with a 36volt EZGO charger 3 batterys at a time. I don’t drop below 80% for at least 5 miles. I have a new delta Q on the way. I think some Zivans may have 2 flooded settings. If yours does try the other setting.

What size and type of batteries do you have? Size 31 100 amp deep cycles should be minimum. This is what I have (No Namers, built by Johnson Controls)

Keep us up to date

I have US Battery 12VXC2 … 90 lb batteries with higher specs than trojans.

Should i measure the voltage while charging? What should it be at?

You have better batteries than I do.

You could/should have a surface charge close to 13 volts on each battery when the charger shuts down. (78 total)

However: measure the voltage 3 hours after charging to get a true reading.

Refer to the “State of Charge” tables in the article to know where you actually are.

Is checking voltage with one of those quick chargers with alligator clips ok?

like one of these… Schumacher XC12 SpeedCharge 12 Amp Battery Charger: Automotive

or should i be using a multimeter?

A QUALITY multimeter!!!

lol…don’t worry i have been cross checking and it matches up. I have a hydrometer and a load tester as well.

Probably a dumb question - are all connections bright and tight. None HOT after driving?

all are nice and tight and clean. I didn’t check heat though… I will do that. Maybe i will get all new wiring just for the hell of it to make sure all the wires are good.

If the wires aren’t hot your probably ok.

Since you have a 12 volt charger - just for the heck of it - isolate 1 battery after charging with the Zivan and hook up the 12 volt and see if it kicks the reading up higher than the Zivan charged units.

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Bought a DQ off Ebay

Is this a 72 volt gem? Looks to me that the top two batteries are wrong. Should be neg. to positive to neg. to positive to neg to positive to neg. to positive to neg to positive to neg. to positive.

You are correct. I missed that.

The battery placement in the front is correct but the wire runs from front to back are in error.

The + from the front battery goes to the - of the driver side rear battery pack.

The - from the front battery is the 72 volt - feed

The + from the passenger side rear battery pack is the 72 volt + feed

oops… i did have it the right way… did my drawing wrong. Started taking things apart and realized it was right so put it all back LOL…i filled the water up to the right levels, polished all cables like new, tightened everything and i will see if i still have problems. Some of the batteries were a bit low on agua… distilled of course.