Have you seen the iSAVE-SC1 cushion car?

Have you seen the iSAVE-SC1? It is unlikely to go into full production but some of the concepts used might reappear in the future.

I have a hard time believing this is true… if you can only go 20mph in this tiny car, even if you did hit somebody it would hardly do any damage.

Looks more like a gag video, or a college experiment?

While these vehicles certainly catch the attention of the press and car fans, sometimes I think they do more harm than good to the industry.

These cars are just reminders of those electric cars from years ago which stood out like a sore thumb. Makes the industry a bit of a laughing stock in some ways - or am I being too harsh?

This looks cool…it is essentially a drivable cushion that should soften the blow for driver and pedestrian alike.

they should start with making it for trucks