Gem year differences

Thought I would put together a Spread sheet that shows some of the differences in Gem years . We can add to it until complete . I am setting it up in Google sheets so anyone can access it . will try and figure out how to show it here . I’m not great with this posting stuff .

here is a link to the google spreadsheet

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Great idea.

Maybe add a column for the controller model?

Would you like community input on the various years/models from those who own them?

Wiki has a timeline that might help you.

added controller type . I know a lot of the differences . I will add them in in the next week when i have some time .

Got it mostly complete for e4’s .There is some info I dont have so maybe others can let me know.

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Throttle type change?
48v-72v-48v ac motor
DQCP non programable dq, or above is DQCP(black dot), DQCT, DQDA etc.
My 2010 EL has DCI charger (dc-dc)
2008 E4 was standard DQ
2009 ?

Thanks, nice reference.

2000-2001: e825, 3.5hp, 8.9 gears. drum brakes, schott charger, T1 controller. Steering, battery and suspension are the same as the 2002-2004. Not sure precisely when change from Schott charger happened, if it was when the 02 model year started or in late 01.

2002-2004 are e825 also - number of seats was by the name following the model. “longback” truck had different rear suspension of 2 coil overs per side

Do you recall when the front suspension changed?