Gem programming computer , software and cable

Selling one of my programming computers . This is an old dell computer that has the software loaded and configured , ready to go . The computer comes with the charger , the batteries are older and do work for a short while . This come with the 23 pin cable , extension cord and the original cd . on the cd is the programming manuals . picture available on request . $100 plus shipping

mike 239 784 5690

I might be interested however, I won’t be able to get back to you for a week or so. Don’t hold it for me but if you still have it in a week or two ping me.


This still available?

yes , mike messaged me a few days ago about it but has not committed yet so i guess it is available.

Got for it Don, just don’t have the time right now. Too many balls in the air.

I just was reading and I need one for a 2008 with a t4. Is this compatible?

Yes , that is what I used it on

Does this work on all years? 2001/2002 ? Also still available?

Won’t work on T1. Needs a special cable for T1.
T2-T5 all have rs232 connections.

Copy That
I have an 02 T2 So if it’s still available at 100.00 I want it. Will need a cable for the T1 later.

Sw is the same…

it is available . it comes with 2 different cables . i have only used it on t4 & t5 controllers . But it does have the other cable . pm me for payment instructions and i will get it out to you asap

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