Gem not moving

Hey everyone, new problem arose 2 days ago, driving gem from the house 5 min into ride turtle comes on and serious looks of power. Only one bar gone from the battery indicator. Nursed her home and charged overnight and now it won’t move. Battery bars are full, turtle comes on instantly. Checked each battery and over 12.4 on each. Tried charging separately and some seem to charge and others won’t change voltage. Checked pins and only get voltage in high and nothing on pins 7&9 with throttle movement. But when I turn it on it shutters like it’s trying to move but nothing. About to pull all the batteries and take them to have them load tested at a shop. Any help would be appreciated.

Ohm out your motor

Should have about 1.5 on Field and .5 or .6 on armature.

Sounds like stuck brushes to me. Free them up before you blow the controller or burn the commutator.