Gem E2 Fault 524252 31

Hey guys, I have a 2018 Gem E2 with the 8.9kW ion. It just today threw up a 524252 31. Was wondering if anyone knew what that one was for?

Vehicle still runs but the display says the battery is empty (actually at 50%).

Thanks in advance

Battery may be low.
Message is from the bmc battery management computer.

Did you figure out what the error code was?

Yeah, I called a tech at the company that handles repairs in our area. He said that code was for a “BMC condition fault”. Very generic I know. The light went off and hasn’t been back since. That being said a tech was out here looking at it for a separate issue two weeks ago and ended up updating my BMC through his scan tool even though it didn’t call for in under my serial number. I think I may have to get him to flash it back if possible