GEM Car Noob - a few questions

I bought a 2002 gem car with 4 seats a few years back but just recently came across these forums. I really don’t know much about how these things work. I have a few questions to ask about my gem car

Batteries: Should I switch to lithium? I have read a few posts talking about how lithium batteries should be used in place of gel or lead batteries. I currently have 6 gel batteries that are now 2 years old. How hard is it to switch to lithium? I don’t know anything about electrical wiring so it would have to be something along the lines of plug and play.

Speed: My car only reaches 25MPH. I have a blue motor by D&D Motor Systems installed and I think it has 7ish horsepower. I have read that there is some type of Magic Magnet that does this but I’m not exactly sure what it is/how it works. As mentioned I don’t have any electrical experience, so is this something I can do myself? I would really like to see speeds of 30+.

Motor: I have a blue motor by D&D and the previous owner told me that this motor could not be used in the rain. I have searched endlessly to find something that supports this but couldn’t find anything. Is this motor safe to use in wet conditions?

Thank you in advance.

Gel’s are usually good for 5 + Years. You have 3 to 5 years left if you plug the car in after your done using it for the day.

Lithium is expensive and complicated. Most of the Forum members that have converted are enthusiasts and technically competent to maintain these systems

If you have a 2002 your controller can be reprogrammed to increase speed.

Blue motors are used in the wet every day.


Hi Rodney,

Thank you for the useful info. How can I reprogram the controller?


So I found a kit online that looks compatible with mine, a T2 controller. Before I buy this, is my motor safe to operate at higher speeds? Also can my batteries supply enough power to maintain the speed?

You need to buy a “LX HANDSET” programmer and learn how to use it. Or send the controller to someone who can do it for you.

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