Gem Car front brake pads Left & Right

I decided to change the leaking front brake wheel cylinders & worn pads.
Cylinders changed out well.
The new pads are my problem.
I can’t get the new pads to collapse enough to put the drum back on.
Looking into it I see that there might be a left & right set of pads.
Question: is there a left & right pad & if there is a difference, How do I tell which ones are the left or right?
Thanks Walt

Tyson the brake pads are the same left and right you could have the pads not sitting on the assembley correctly not allow ing them to collapse all the way. I only have a picture of a rear right now

I was doing a brake job for a buddy and just happens to take a b-4 and after pic hope this helps

Pay special attention to the Nut/Bolt spacer where the 2 brake pads come together that would be the (12 o’clock position in the photo above) that nut/bolt. If you have the spacer behind that nut and bolt “that’s pyramid shaped” the wrong way round it will push the pads out instead of allowing them to come together. I’m pretty sure that’s your problem

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Let me know if you need anymore pics I’m in the middle of a front disk conversion and lift kit install.

Tyson: it’s possible my drawing of the spacer orientation is incorrect, but hopefully you get the point. The Pyramid shaped space here at the bottom of the brake assembly needs to be in the right orientation to allow

Thank you for the insight (and the drawing) The pyramid shaped spacer under that metal hold down at the bottom of the brake pads was in the traditional pyramid direction. I finally used a C-clamp to compress the pads enough to put the drum over the pads. the brakes are tight but I think they will “wear in”. So I think I won the battle, but the brakes have won the war. Thanks again, Walt