Gem Car Covers

I have a 08 that came with a cover If I had to guess its a factory Gem cover. And I’m guessing it’s in the $200-$250 range if I had to go by what GEM parts seem to cost these days. It has a zipper in the front and 2 vents in the back by the trunk. And it doesn’t look like the one Nev acessories sells.
I was interested in buying another one and saw this add for Buy one Get one 40% off

Golf Cart Covers | The Cover Store

Anyone have any experience with this company and the 3 different quality of covers???

When I measured out my E4 the large cover in the link looks like it will work great. Length Height and With seem good

I just ordered one from ebay supposed to fit my E4 for $109. Has not arrived yet so I cannot vouch for any details.