Front Page CNN

Take a look at today 8/14/2008

Homebuilt EVs are front page.

Good old main stream news - They can screw up a free meal.

What are they talking about

"Other components such as a fuel injector were replaced with their electric counterparts and some, like the exhaust system, were removed completely. "

and does anybody with 1/2 a brain check their articles??

How many of you/us have installed fuel injectors in an all electric car??? Maybe CNN is on to something we have missed!

I think you’re missing the point that they’re talking about removing fuel injectors via removing the ICE parts, and replacing them with an equivalent EV part, like replacing the engine with a motor, replacing gas tank with a batter pack, etc. Although I wouldn’t know what an EV equivalent to a fuel injector could be, maybe the motor controller? LOL.

Dang you guys made me go diggin’ for it…

Here’s the link;