Ford Transit Connect Electric

Anyone try the Transit Connect Electric? I’ve driven the natural gas and EcoBoost versions (2012 models) and was fairly impressed and now they’re coming out with a family van version (called the Transit Connect Wagon) for 2014. Saw the preview of that, also in EcoBoost form, but haven’t driven one as they’re still in prototype stage.

Wanted to re-hash something from the Focus Electric section of the forum. Ford reps have told me that the Transit Connect Wagon (the “civilian” people-mover version of the Transit Connect commercial van) will have an EV option, but couldn’t say when. Since Azure Dynamics, who provided the powertrains for the EV option, is out of business, Ford doesn’t officially have a supplier for the Connect’s electric version. Sales have been abysmal globally for this option, but it could be that Magna International may supply the powertrains - they’re the ones who make the innards of the Focus Electric. Pure speculation, of course, but it would make sense logistically.