Ford Think Error code and stops

Just purchased this thing. test drove from PO and seemed to work, got home and have strange issue. Turn on, release brake and as soon as I hit the throttle a wrench icon appears on the cluster and it won’t go. Cycle power on/off a few times and eventually it will go for a while, but then die later. Will only go on turf mode or reverse, will not move at all on drive. Also, small hill seems to make it die (like minor slope into my driveway). Seems like controller or contacter issue. Contacter clicks on when key turns on, but then clicks out with the error code.

FYI, I’ve ordered the programming cable and software but won’t have for until next weekend so just wondering if this is an obvious issue others have dealt with and what suggestions there are.

Error codes 66, 57, 51 if that helps.

Did you try charging it?
Never mind what the little battery meter says, it may be confused/mixed up. Check your pack voltage before you plug it in and see where it is. Then plug it in and monitor where it ends up.

Can you hear any popping or sizzling noises from the back of the car(where the motor is)?
If so, stop driving the car immediately.

Thanks. No strange noises. I’ll try charging and report back.

Here is the description of your error codes:
66 The field current exceeds the current limit of the
field transistor.
57 Controller “motor current sensor” input too low
while running
51 Capacitor voltage is low before the line
contactor closes

Not sure what they actually refer to, but I would definitely check the batteries. I had one defective new battery that caused my Think to go about 3 miles and needed a charge. Replaced the one battery and I now get 30 miles.

Follow the pinpoint tests in the shop manual for your codes starting with code 51. But first check battery pack voltage

Where did you order the cable and software? Do you have a link you could share?

I have the cables and GE Sentry software I’ll sell for $80 shipped. It has been used about 5 times. It even has the USB adaptor. I just moved so I would have to try and find it. Or you can buy new from Electric Forklift Forklift Electronics (

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