Fiat 500e review

There have been many reviews of the Fiat 500e and in all honesty it is difficult to find one which is critical of the car. Have you driven a Fiat 500e or do you have a view on what many believe is the most efficient electric car on sale in the US?

The Car and Driver review, where they compare the Fiat to the Leaf, Volt and another, is downright hateful. You might like that one for perspective…

Those Fiat’s are really good looking cars. But they seem to get slammed pretty hard. And the Smart cars … don’t even get me started. They are, by all appearances, a complete failure. I haven’t read a single positive review for them. But they are selling in high numbers, so what do I know? :slight_smile:

That Car and Driver review is not the first time that I have seen the Chevy Spark get good scores. Definitely not my style. But you can’t beat the price in comparison to the other guys.

We may be at the start of a new era. At my age I will never see it mature. Fuel at $2 a gallon is sure to set it back as long as it stays in that range.

Example: in comparison with a year ago I am getting the equivalent of 36 miles per gallon on my 08 Avalanche. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

There is a good lease on these right now. I wish it was a little bigger car.

I don’t know if it’s the most efficient or not. It has the range I need for a 62 mile roundtrip commute and it is the best looking of the affordable EVs. When the lease is up, I may look in to the eGulf or Soul, but I’ve had minimal problems with this car after 20,000 miles. I hear the batteries are stupid expensive or I would buy out the lease.

Hi Alex

I would be very interested to hear about your experience of the Fiat 500e in more detail. We have a member currently working on their own driving experience thread for a Renault Zoe:-

Would you be interested in doing something similar?



Same thing I also have experienced :rain::spider: