Feasibility of a not-so-ideal Donor car

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into buying a 1991 Lada Signet Station Wagon to convert to electricity. I’m currently located in the vicinity of Montréal, Québec and the vehicle is situated in Calgary, Alberta, about 3000km away. It’s being sold for 500$ in running condition, and the mechanic who owns the garage is willing to make any repairs necessary in order for it to make the long journey to Québec.

The reasons why I’m looking into this particular odd-ball of a car are the following:

[ul]I’m looking for something out of the ordinary (with a manual transmission)[/ul]
[ul]Something I’d have to work on before converting in order to get a better hands on knowledge of automobile mechanics.[/ul]
[ul]A vehicle that was built with simplicity in mind (this is post-communist Russia we’re talking about).[/ul]
[ul]A car situated far away so that I get to see more of Canada with a few friends.[/ul]
[ul]Something that could remind me of the time I spent in Europe.[/ul]

I’d like to get your opinion on this car – as strange as it is to say, this Lada has sentimental value.

Two Pictures: