EV Conversions and heavy weight concerns

I’ve been thinking about how so many people are converting their gasoline fueled cars/trucks to run on electricity alone, and I think it’s great that so many more are considering doing the same.

But one thing bugs me in general when it comes to doing an EV conversion. The idea is to try to get as many miles out of a single charge as possible to make the EV vehicle somewhat comparable to gasoline powered automobiles. But you cant really improve the range by adding more batteries because that adds more weight and more torque needed by the motor to move the rig. So no dice there.

Sure you can upgrade up to the LIP (Lithium-Ion-Phospate) batteries, but you better have the loot AND know how to properly install them which is good if you got the money and the know how to handle these suckers.

What else can someone do to reduce the weight of their EV ride? Simple, cut away as much steel as you can from the vehicle but leave enough to maintain the stability and safety of the frame and shell of the vehicle as possible. And if you can, replace some of the steel bars with aluminum bars/plates instead.

It doesnt take a lot of steel to make 1lb. I think aluminum is about 1/3 of what steel is and can be just as strong if put in the proper places.

But sometimes steel is the only thing in certain areas that you can have for strength and saftey. Everything else can be air or aluminum.

Good building. :wink: