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JooLee Battery is a professional manufacturer of LiFePo4 battery use to e-bike, power tools, toys, aircraft, Auto car, Bus, Scooter and so on. 5Ah to 1500Ah of the capacity and 3V to 550V of the Voltage. Delivery time is short ,good quality and low price, our company also can be customized according to customer’s different needs. And we can provide OEM and ODM service at the same time. For more informations, please visit:

Shenzhen JOOLEE Battery Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Joo Ye
Skype: joo.ye[/FONT]

No thanks, my batteries are made by Deka in Pennsylvania, not China. Just what we need, another Chinese company spreading Communist products all over the world. As soon as everything we buy is made on the other side of the world and all of our labor is done by people who are here illegally, what employment will be left for the citizens of the FREE world?


Just a bit frustrated…