Electric Mercedes Concept

What do you guys know about this crazy Mercedes electric concept?


It looks pretty interesting to me.

Nice concept!

Better have some nice roads with those wheels…

I think, Mercedes start to made it’s Mercedes Unveils BlueZERO Trio of Electric Concept Cars. The E-CELL version is battery-electric, the E-CELL PLUS is similar but has a small internal combustion engine to act as a range-extender (like on the BYD F3DM or GM Volt), and the F-CELL is a hydrogen fuel cell model.

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I was trying to open the link given in your post but it was not opening…Every time i tried to open it,i got an error message"Not found".So please repost the link so that i can also see that…

We remain somewhat skeptical of electric cars, but we acknowledge that the latest prototypes are getting far more interesting. Last December, Audi let us drive the R8-based E-Tron in California, and we came away impressed by its 313 hp and a level of refinement we’ve never before experienced in an electric car. Recently, Mercedes invited us to Kristiansund, on the west coast of Norway, to drive the fully electric version of its gullwing SLS.

As in the E-Tron, power in the SLS AMG E-Cell is routed through four electric motors, one at each wheel. With 526 hp and 649 lb-ft of torque—the latter available from 0 rpm—the SLS E-Cell is in league with some venerable supercars, even though it tips the scales at a considerable 4400 pounds.