Efficient generators

Anyone know of a relatively small generator able to produce 15-30kW of power? I have seen a few capable of this power but they weigh too much over 200lb , is there anything out there that is smaller and lighter that could make that kind of power?
any thoughts are appreciated

If you want the generator that can generate 15KW to 30KW power and its weight is light. Then you can choose Perkins generator, which is lighter than other brands of generators.

16KW Perkins generator, dimension is: 1350 x 600 x950 mm, weight: 530kg
20KW Perkins generator, dimension is: 1400 x 650 x 1100 mm, weight is : 550kg

As the post above demonstrates, no there is no lightweight and efficient generator in that size.

That is why range extended EVs are highly integrated like the Prime or Volt with direct drive modes or extremely underpowered like the BMW I3.REX

That said if your just looking to extend your range this is the most efficient genset.


Despite the rating it will output 5kw, my fathers Miles Zx40 would get 80+ mpg using this generator with an empty battery but you could only drive about 25mph off strictly generator power. If he used the generator to recharge the battery while stationary economy dropped to the high 50’s

That said if you know your EV well, start with a full battery and leave the rig running continuously even at stops you can do the math as to how much range extension it will provide.

If your target speed draws 15kw and your WTHRS/mile is around 250
the generator will extend your range about 33%.

Nothing to sneeze at and obviously if you can drive on slow surface roads (25mph)
the generator may extend your range indefinitely.

I have room for a Tesla3 module under the bed. 80m range at 250whrs/m.
Possibly room for two.
I have the truck and the modules. Lacking a customer or ambition to do it myself.
I would need $6k out of the zx40-ad/tesla. 20kwh