E 825 decals for gem cars

I looked all over for decals to replace the E825 .
I couldn’t located them so I had a friend to re produce them.
Let me know if you would like a set.
I will have more information later.![image|690x319](upload://tC0SflXZaek2B3Tfbwo1QZVEiP6.jpeg
Update on a way to order the decals
Cal Fancy Tees and More
814 714 6680

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How much for two to California?

Call this lady, she is the one that made them.
Fancy Tees and More
813 714 6680

It appears there is two different numbers?

813 714 6680 this is the number


I have some for sale from original artwork from when I worked at GEM in Fargo, also I have other decals too. I have artwork for others as well, let me know what you need.