Diy brake upgrade


Stock GEM brakes are marginal at best.

If you have GOOD wheel cylinders and DRY brake shoes you can increase the stopping power by replacing your Master cylinder with a:

Dodge Master cylinder from an 82 charger

From Ebay About $27

You will also need (2) 3/8 24 X 10-1 MM adaptor fittings BrakeQuip #BQ50

From Brake Connect Clarksville Tn 37040 About $12

This cylinder has a smaller bore thus giving a 30% increase in brake pressure with the same pedal effort.

About an hours work.



I know this is a pretty old thread but I wanted to revisit it due to my own interest.

I’m having a heck of a time tracking down the specific part and I was hoping for some more clues.

From what I have read a 1982 Charger is just a Plymouth Horizon or a Dodge Omni with new badges. (trim package)
The cylinder for those doesn’t look anything like the one I have. Is that normal? Is it this one?

My master cylinder has the two brake lines as well as a tap on the opposite side for electrical. A low brake fluid sensor in the tank and one directly into the cylinder for something else. Does your suggestion take those into account or am I just looking at the wrong part?

I have a good used GEM master cylinder. 50 bucks

My current MS is fine, I was looking for the upgraded one you suggested.