DeWalt DC9360 batteries (36v lithium)

Doing some studying on these battery packs and seems they are very popular. Saw an electric bicycle powerd by 4 of these to give them 20 mile range @ 17mph. He didnt take them apart first just plugged in the pack. Now comes the question… Is it possible to use these on a 144v ev without dismanteling the battery pack but by slaving them together in series to make 144v packs. Then parallel a number to those together to make enough kw to operate on. If could be done how many would it take. Probably way out here but just a thought.

Figuring that each pack is equal to about 80 watt/hrs and you will need about 20,000 watt hours for a car, you will need about 250 packs. Pack are going for $125 on ebay so $31,000.

On Monster Garage they did this with the Millwakee packs.

thanks that brought me back down to earth lol.

Got a link to that bike? Sounds interesting for a go to work vehicle, and if you left the battery packs so they plugged in you could just have twice as many packs as needed, and recharge one set while using the other. Since these battery packs are small, one could do all their recharging at work, just unplug from the bike, stick them in a pack, then swap battery packs off a power strip under their desk.

Ive been looking but cant find it again. It was a bolt on front end to a regular bicycle that was front wheel drive that had 4 Dewalt 36v battery packs mounted on front forks. very slick design. It appeared to be a mass production attachment. I will keep looking and if I find it will put the link on this thread. I know I stumbled onto it when doing research on the Dewalt dc3960 battery pack. Sorry

This it? Shows a FWD bike with Dewalt batt packs on it.

Yep, thats it