cold mornings no lights no heater

Lately in the morning when it’s cold and my 2009 EL xd has no lights, signals, or heater…basically it is fully charged and runs great but no accessories. Doesn’t happen all the time but a lot lately. usually if I use it later in the day it is fine.

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yes its problem with dc/dc converter but this only happens coldest days
after that it will work a hole year again to next winter

Do you REALLY expect us to tell you what you have to do?:roll_eyes:

The car will run without 12vdc? I did not know that.:thinking:

you need 12v to run car
the constant 12volt will work,its only switched that stop in cold
you can easy put a cheap 12v relay to that function if you want

Is this something I can repair? Is the converter an expensive part? I park the GEM outside, maybe I will start paring it in the garage and see if that helps. Thanks

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Generally this type of problem is thermal cracks around component leads on pcb.
Components with larger mass are the usual suspects, due to vibration.
Cool spray or heat on the board will help pinpoint it.
Or reflow all the through hole connections. The output terminals may be a good place to start.


Don’t waste range on a heater. These cataletic heaters (safe for indoor use) work great heates the Gem better then any electric heater and dosent impact range

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It seems to be just every accessory horn wipers headlights turn signals heater pretty much anything that is considered an accessory. The car will drive fine forward reverse whatever it just none of the accessories will work and it’s only in the cold mornings. I use it a lot around the ranch but I would like to drive it to work which is about a couple of miles away but I don’t like to leave early in the morning without the lights.

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Also it does show a full charge on the meter

yes its some problem with the switch inside the dc/dc converter
can you try heat it up little in morning ?
or maybe try loose bolts on it so frame not cold it down so much ?

I have been parking it outside. I will park it in the garage ans see.

So far it is working fine since I started parking in the garage. If I have any more trouble I will probably buy a new 71030i DC converter.

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