Code 66?

Ok so my buddy has an 09 e4…it is showing code 66 and that is saying check motor controller high voltage. …what would the cause this it will run in reverse but not in forward at just showes the wrench and the code …where do I need to start

ok so i took all conections loose and checked them …then checked alll wires …still code 66 so i took my controller off my acrt and put it on his and bam worked fine…so looks like in looking for a new controller for for his car…i hate dealing with Ride 4 Fun so does anyone know where i can get one…

What model controller do you have on the car?

R4F will rebuild [U]your[/U] controller for $500 so IMO that’s probably the best place (and yes they can be hard to deal with) but I’ve also seen controllers listed on eBay before for $300-$500.