CATUK Campaign

Pod Point, an electric car charging company, is soon starting its first national campaign around Britain on 12th June.

‘Charging around the UK’ campaign

On the 12th June Pod Point will start a 2,000 mile charge around the UK in an electric Renault ZOE. The campaign will stretch the entirety of the UK, covering London, John O’Groats, Lands End and culminating in Brighton. Spread out over 17 days, the Pod Point team will stop at 15 cities to host major events along the way.

This is not just another race from one end of the country to the other, this is a campaign with a purpose.

Charging Electric Vehicles is not the same as refuelling, and is more akin to charging your mobile phone – with continuous top-ups. Pod Point will show consumers that top-up charging is soon to become a part of everyday life, and won’t interrupt your daily routine. Pod Point will be breaking world records, cooking with a Michelin starred chef, and racing down mountains while they charge.

Pod Point will help create customised Pod Chains for EV drivers, in order to make charging a part of their everyday routine. This way you can top up your charge while at the gym, in the local supermarket or at a friends house. This campaign will create a CATUK Pod Chain for the journey, by using current charge points from all manufacturers and installing new Pod Point ones where needed.

The support surrounding the growth of the EV industry is remarkable, and it is thanks to Pod Point’s main sponsor Renault, and partners such as Sainsbury’s and Domino’s that there is a notable shift in the attitude towards electric vehicles. These brands are integral to a family’s daily life, and they are leading the way for change. Not only are major players in the consumer industry supporting the EV movement, but it’s receiving continuous support from governing bodies and Pod Point continues to support local council charge point installations.

This campaign is a celebration of the EV industry as a whole, and will highlight the changing attitude towards electric vehicles.

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only just joined as I have just acquired my i3, great to see something exciting being done in the industry to move it forward where it seems to have been stuck an AGE!