Brake Pedal Return Sticking

As others, my pedal is not returning well. I will be going in to lube it up and see if that fixes. I read other possible concerns with other parts that could be contributing too. Has there been a lot of folks who modified the pedal somehow, ie spring, etc. or does lube generally fix the common issue?

maybe you can find something useful in this old thread: 02 GEM e825 Brake pedal Spring

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Gem had an update to the pedal installing a spring to pull the pedal back.
i installed them on all our gems years not sure if the spring fits your older model or not.

Do you have a link to that product?

Here is all you need to know.
Lots of nice pictures for those into brake pedal return spring porn.


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This is great. i was hoping just some clean up and WD would make it work. Well, it moves better, but still wont naturally return all the way. I can move it the rest of the way with ease and there is a lot of play. The master cylinder pushrod has play in it so its not keeping the pedal from returning either.Not sure why GEM did not included a pedal adjustment thread on the end of the pushrod or a spring. Seems with all that car development knowledge some of basics were missed.

Does anyone know if that 2005 and newer spring would fit on a 2002? It appears the same setup.

Also, i noticed that there is a second switch right below the main one. It doesn’t seem to get any action at all, but i know when i pulled up my pedal it worked the brake lights off as supposed to. What the heck is that second switch for? Whatever it is its not doing anything. So its puzzling.

Yes, that same spring should fit your early pedal bracket.
Note that there is a small cut in the bracket to keep the tail of the spring in place. You might need to do the same to yours.

My belief is that second switch was for plug braking (like a jake brake) or regen. What colors are the wires?

There is nothing that presses on it if pedal down or up?

No no matter how much I adjust the brake pedal or the brake light switch bracket the bottom switch never makes contact it appears. I was thinking it might be four if you lose your brakes altogether your pedals gonna drop down to the floor which may push that button which may trigger a light or something? Don’t know. First time uploading a picture so let me try.

If it were me, I’d reach under there and push it (or jump the wires) and see what happens.

Looking at the manual for early cars finds both switches. Yes- there is a Brake Over Travel Switch and it has a OR/red and BLU wires going to it. Following those wires downstream a bit finds a Brake Trouble light.

Heh- That’s funny. As if you wouldn’t know there is an issue when your pedal hits the floor and you aren’t slowing down, Now there will be a light to warn/distract you even more.

It might be better to hook it up to your horn because everybody better be warned that you are probably blowing through that 4 way stop at the bottom of the hill.


Yes the horn idea is fabulous!

Well, instead of a spring route, which i did find one on ebay for $23, but will hold off for now. I took the pedal shaft out. Sanded it out a bit with 800 grit paper. Lubed it all up with lithium grease and reinstalled. I also siliconed the sticky brake light switch so now it moves more freely and adjusted it. It all works like its supposed to. Will keep an eye on it to see if it starts failing again. If so, then i will look to add a spring. But for now, the pedal movement is silky smooth. Thanks for the tips and info.