Best selling neighbourhood electric vehicle?

There is no doubt that the popularity of neighbourhood electric vehicles has increased dramatically over the last decade and there are now many different types to choose from. In your view, what is the best neighbourhood electric vehicle and why?

think most of us are bias here… I’d think the answer to the question would be GEM car… reasons are probably many… I’ve been around to see the ZENN… Zap… Wheego Whip… Miles… Fire?.. most or all are gone today… I thought were all cute cars and would have jumped at the opportunity to buy one… the draw back and probably why in the end saved my money was the lack of dealers or part houses… most of the above have moved to China… my control of the Chinese language sucks… that is why I got a GEM car… I was happy with the service I got from my dealer (GEMcarpartsdirect) and Chrysler… at this time I’m still ok with Polaris and my dealer has kept his franchise agreement to be a dealer… I feel the NEV/LSV is probably going to be a stepping stone into a full blown electric car some day… until that day I’m happy to drive around in my GEM car