Basket Case 02 GEM

I took on this free 02’ long bed project. Got it for free with free delivery.

I just did the pack. I have repaired GEMs before but I was confused by the factory wiring diagram on this one. A failed attempt by previous owner has me stumped. My factory manual really doesnt show these components (bottom 2 circles on pic)

Does anyone have a home made schematic that breaks out the function of relays and switches in the “PWB- Printed wire board” which is a DC-DC, relay, contactor and timer switch wired together not shown on factory diagram.
Thank you

Working on a more complete schematic for posterity. Not done yet. Im not making this to help fix my GEM just puttering.

Found what I was looking for. This should be on a sticky post here on the GEM forum along with the factory diagram.

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Got the Clunk! My free GEM runs
The wiring diagram helped a lot.
Green to DC-DC ground was disconnected. Also charger interlock was disconnected (charger was removed)

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Mine is also disconnected and can not figure out where it goes

Did you ever finish drawing your wire schematic I really need it.