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Thanks for that information, I was going to post this.

You may want to check around for insurance. Progressive actually insures golf carts under a motorcycle policy. I never have understood how they insure it on a home owners policy in Florida.

[quote=hillncea;30653]I wasn’t aware that this was indeed the law for Florida, but it’s completely consistent with my experience. People discourage you from registering your car. Two weeks ago, I went to the company that holds my homeowner’s insurance as well as my golf cart insurance, and they told me that it would be $5-600 to insure the cart if I made it “street legal.” (I’m under the impression that the terms “street legal” and “LSV” are interchangeable–someone please correct me if that’s wrong). I had been paying $50 a year for insurance on my old cart. I called my primary insurance company (USAA–I didn’t have my homeowner’s insurance with them because a few years back they stopped insuring homes in Florida). They said: (1) if you have homeowner’s insurance, golf cart insurance is an unnecessary duplication–you’re already fully covered under your homeowner’s insurance, and (2) the cost for insurance on an LSV would increase my auto insurance by $92 a year (offset somewhat because I now plan to put fewer miles on my SUV).

I just got the bill today from my current golf cart insurance company–the premium has risen from $50 a year to $133–the Atomic car is considerable more valuable than my old cart, and therefore considerably more expensive to insure. But the bottom line is that I can insure my Atomic for less by registering it than I can if I keep it as a golf cart.[/quote]

You may want to check around for insurance. Progressive actually insures golf carts under a motorcycle policy. I never have understood how they insure it on a home owners policy in Florida.

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The local GEM dealer does the same thing, on request. He has to provide certification that this work has been performed so the owner can gain Golf Cart status.

Owners who are satisfied with 19.9 MPH do this to AVOID registration fees.

My homeowner insurance company, Bender Insurance in Tavares Florida, insures my GEM under a separate policy for $64 per year for full coverage.


I just received the Certificate. Thanks for processing that so quickly for me. Much appreciated.

I don’t know how to start a new thread, but I’ve got a bunch of questions about how to best take care of my new Atomic:

  1. When can I wax the car? Should I wait several months for the paint to completely dry, or can I start now?
  2. Is it advisable to use Rain-X on the windshield, or is the windshield better left untreated?
  3. If I’ve driven the car 10 miles today and plan on driving it 20 miles tomorrow, it can easily manage that distance without being charged tonight. Is it better to charge it anyway, or is it better to charge it fewer times?
  4. If I’ve driven the car 50 miles this morning, and plan on driving it another 30 miles this afternoon, and I’ve got a 2-hour break at lunch, would it be better to partially charge it during the lunch break, or should I not charge it over lunch and let the battery run down that far? I once read that you shouldn’t partially charge a battery–you either completely charge it or don’t charge it at all–and I’m wondering whether you believe that’s true.

1 You can wax it any time.

2 Your choice.

3 Charge it any time it gets below 80%. When in doubt charge.

4 For sure charge on the break.

There is minimal harm in charging at every opportunity. Letting the residual charge get below 50% repeatedly, shortens battery life.

Not true, the modern EV system is being set up all over the country with charging stations where you can get a partial charge during lunch or top off at your Motel overnight.

The Atomic is your first step in a journey that leads to an electric family car and travel outside of your immediate area.



A neighbor and I both installed new sound systems in our Atomic Electric coupes. They are major upgrades–they sound terrific. I have put together two manuals–one showing how we put new speakers in the doors, and a second one showing how we swapped out the head unit with a new one. Both manuals are Word documents with several pictures in them, so each is about 10 MB in length–too long to post here. I am interesting in having other users provide feedback on these manuals, to try to make them as user-friendly as possible. Jim Rice has looked them both over and is satisfied with them, but I’m sure improvements can be made. I am not sure how to get these manuals out to interested parties. Is there a place to post them? If not, can people send their e-mail address to me and I’ll send them the documents direction?

[quote=EvForum;30643]Thanks Jim

Could you give us an update about whats happening at the company? Any new vehicles on the horizon?



Mark, we are introducing a 4 door 4 seater in January 2017. We are in the process right now of introducing a new line of golf carts . The Atomic E2 and E4 along with the Shuttle 4,6 and 8. They will be more like a traditional golf cart.

You can wax it anytime.

Always charge when ever possible, we recommend that if you drive it that day charge it that night. It is actually cheaper to charge at night and the stability of the electric coming in is more stable.

And no you will not hurt the batteries by short charging them periodically.

Hi there! I am looking to upgrade the sound system in my Atomic. Do you mind sending the manual you have created?


contact Jim Rice for a manual

now I have a Tesla… seriously looking use my referral and get free charging…

When I first bought my Atomic GC (March 2019)
Example: I could run the GC 7 miles (hard 30 mph) with the AC on to a Golf Course and play 18 with the AC on the whole time. I then could run it for another 23 miles (35-38 miles total) with the AC on.
Now Today my wife ran it for 11 miles at 20 mph or less with out the AC on to a golf course. She then put the AC on starting on hole 5. She would shut the golf cart completely off when she was teeing off and putting for the next 13 holes. She then had lunch. She could hardly get back home(11.5) miles with the AC OFF!
This has been going on the last few months and it is getting worst. I love the cart but I am getting upset. The owner and wife are very nice and concerning people and gave me some ideas to try. The sales people are very disappointing…clueless!
I was planning on buying other one but it will be on hold…

hi Terry… I’d go back to Jim Rice the owner of Atomic and lay the problem out to him… I don’t know him but have been FB friends for a long time… he sits in on my group and does weigh in on questions…


I would like a copy of the manuals, thank you. ccook@centurylink,net

Hillncea: If this forum is still active and if possible can you please send copies of the manuals you produced to the following email address: