Any recommendation for easy-to-use accessories?

I have a deeply experience about economic car accessories especially when i’m driving alone.
Safety first is always a hot topic when talking about driving. Clear vision of road conditions needs to be guaranteed. Accessories in car must be easy-to-use and rapidly in use. Such as car chargers. They take effects when plugged into car cigarette lighter.
I have purchased a GPS navigation. It is:
5 Touch Screen Windows CE 6.0 4GB GPS Navigator Media Player RGP-332666 - TinyDeal
Regret for my option now. A sucker at the bottom of the device, as you see. Actually it’s not so tight though. The screen is rough and even reflects light. So you have to waste your time on it and it’s dangerous if driving high roads. GPS navigations of car themselves are more convenient though they are expensive. The higher the price, the better the quality.
Any else opinions from guys? Thanks.

Why don’t you put you ad in the classifieds?