American Chariot info?

I just picked up an American Chariot EV Currently looking for info on it.
All I have found online is marketing hype, targeting law enforcement and security usage.
Apparently an ebay seller has bought up all the spares inventory when the company folded, but so far he has only two items posted and does not respond to questions.
I think all I need is two batteries and cables to connect them. Before i spend $140 on batteries, I’d like to be sure I am getting the right spec. I’d also like to be able to check out the electrical before I do that.
Anyone here have any experience with this 2005 model vehicle?
Perhaps someone has a wiring diagram?

What is the charger output voltage… The guy is selling 24 volt chargers. Go from there.

Yes it is 24 volt

Sounds like you need a couple of 12 volt batteries

I figured that out before I bought it. But I’d like know the ideal, or at least the OE spec before I shell out $100+ for 2 12 volt batteries. I think the OE was 40ah AGM. Is that something common to personal mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs? That will be the most expensive, and first item to get this thing going, and I don’t want to do it twice.
But that’s the easy part. It has some cut wires that I’d like to reconnect. A wiring diagram would be useful.