All-electric version of the Smart Car

Daimler has been testing an earlier version of the Smart ED in London , leasing 100 vehicles to get real-world experience with electric drives.

Last month, it announced additional testing in Berlin. Daimler is test marketing 100 Smart ED’s in this region with the help of Utility company RWE. They are installing 500 electricity charging stations through out the city.

Daimler President Dieter Zetsche said the company has big plans for the small car.

“The future will see an ever-increasing proportion of traffic on the roads in urban centers around the world,” he said. “Zero-emission electric cars could shape the image of environmentally aware cities because zero local emission motoring is no longer science fiction.”

I love this little car and truly cant wait for it to be fully released.

They also have plans “on board unit” that communicates with the charging station.

They in vision the car charging it self when the electricity is off peak times and at its cheapest.

Daimler did not talk about longer term plans nor did it disclose if or when it might be looking into the US market for the all electric version.

Of coarse, oil company’s still pushing everyone around including giant Daimler. It just pisses me off that America is always the last to see revolutionary technology released for the masses.

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