Adding 4wd to a van

Is it possible/feasible to add 4wd to a van by adding an electric motor to each of the front wheels? My idea (my explanation is a MASSIVE oversimplification) is to add a half shaft to each of the front wheels, and then add one motor like the following: Motor LEM200-D135RAG LEMCO 96 VDC to each of the wheels. The shape of this motor - pancake, so shorter than most others, would simplify the design and installation of the motor. The original V6 will still be in the van powering the rear wheels. The plan would include not only adding batteries to the van but also a generator to the gas engine to charge the batteries and to power the electric motors. My main objective is to get better traction in poor weather - icy roads, snow, heavy rain, or on forest service roads when I go camping. If things work out so that I can operate only on electricity around town, all the better. Would such a setup need one controller or two?

Absolutly figure 70/100 engineering hours $15000/$20000 for parts and 100/200 hours labor.

You might consider eleminatig the generator and let the wheel motors charge the batteries when in 2 wheel drive.

You might also consider buying a 4 wheel Town and Country.